Aid For Artsakh

Aid For Artsakh


We are planning to enlarge this program and be able to touch lives of many victims of armed conflicts in the world.

“Aid for Artsakh” is the name of our first international program that we launched this year. This program is aimed to provide humanitarian assistance to thousands of internally displaced refugees – … victims among civil citizens, families with children who are caught in armed conflict and became its innocent victims.
“Aid for Artsakh” is a donor advised restricted fund that is supported by a group of devoted community members in Southern California. The organization strictly observes the advised restrictions. 100% of the proceeds cover the program budget. The organization is not withholding any funds for administrative support.
This program is operated on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, utilizing resources of the wholly owned subsidiary of Armenian Union – Arm Charity Union.
The Armenian Union fully complies with the Los Angeles County local, California state, and US federal laws and regulations for public solicitations.

Statement of Need
The humanitarian aid provided is aimed to support citizens of Armenia who are currently living at the edge of extreme poverty, having very limited access to professional medical services, as well as experiencing minimum government improvements in the economic turmoil. Food insecurity and high unemployment rate are destroying families, forcing citizens to seek jobs outside of the country. Most of the schools in the eastern part of Armenia are in a state of disrepair.
“Armenia’s geographic isolation, a narrow export base, and pervasive monopolies in important business sectors have made it particularly vulnerable to the sharp deterioration in the global economy and the economic downturn in Russia.” – the US Central Intelligence Agency reports.

Multi-Ethnic Group of People and Community Concepts


Annual Budget: $263,000

Program is available for the following population:

  • Refugees
  • Poor/Economically Disadvantaged
  • Disabled (General or Disability Unspecified)
  • Crime/Abuse Victims

Our first fundraising telethon turned very successful with Ms. Nune Avetisyan (Berev) and Artsakh war veteran Mr. Hrant Tumasyan in 2016. General public contributions reached to over $350,000, out of which $263,000 were directed to fund Armenian Union’s “Aid for Artsakh” program. We contributed 100% of these funds to help over 500 victims (including their family members) of armed conflicts.


We are planning to enlarge this program and be able to touch lives of many victims of armed conflicts in the world. Key objectives are:

  • Help to families of victims
  • Aid to internally displaced population

Program success monitoring and analytics

Our personnel at the subsidiary “Arm Charity Union” is monitoring this program success.


APRIL 2016 HYE ZINVOR TELETHIN Donated $263,000.00

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