We are aiming to help over 300 families with products of first necessity, including household items, school supplies, and seasonal clothing.

Our first local program for social help, poverty reduction among newly immigrants and refugees in our community of Southern California is aimed to assist families with household items of first necessity. … We receive and distribute products at our storage in Glendale, CA. Currently, we have five volunteers who help us oversee the loading and monthly distributions. The value of support from the Armenian Union to the community is equal to $50,000 worth of goods, including household products, clothing, and toys.

Statement of Need
‘According to the US Department of State, the US is estimated to have admitted 85,000 refugees from around the world in this fiscal year. For the last decade, California has had one of the highest refugee resettlement rates in the nation. The individuals that have undergone the vetting process and achieved refugee status have undoubtedly gained a chance at a new life of safety for themselves and their family. However, the experience of building a new life in a new country is a challenging one. At the Armenian Union, we strive to assist in this process.
One of our local programs is ‘Products 4 Home’ in which we accept donations of household goods and coordinate the distribution to families. Delivering these products is just one way that we can help new families adjust, and let them know that they have the support of their new community.
Often, refugees must flee their homes and lives without much warning or time to prepare. This means that when families transition into their new homes, they often have very few supplies that are needed to manage a comfortable life.

Target Audience/Community Outreach
We outreach refugees through offices of government benefits, churches, and shelters. Our typical customers are families with school-age children, new immigrants, and refugees, low- income individuals.

Multi-Ethnic Group of People and Community Concepts


Annual Budget: $50,000

Program is available for the following population:

  • Immigrants/Newcomers/Refugees
  • Poor/Economically Disadvantaged
  • Indigenous people

One of the success examples is our first distribution date of January, 2016, when we served 80 families of immigrants with household products that they wouldn’t be able to afford on their own.


We are aiming to help over 300 families with products of first necessity, including:

  • household items
  • school supplies
  • seasonal clothing.


We monitor this program by collecting information at the distribution locations throughout Los Angeles County. We record a number of families and individuals served, including demographic information.


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