Why is it important to watch “The Promise” movie on an opening weekend?

Recently the release of every blockbuster movie is accompanied with “biggest opening weekend ever” title. While greater sales in opening week mean a great deal for producers and filmmakers from the marketing point of view, in the case of “The Promise” it will most importantly help to get more audience and reach more people. Every major movie Journal will write about Top Box Office movie of the week, driving more and more people to get to know about the movie, to watch it and possibly to learn about the horrifying events of the beginning of 20th century – the Armenian Genocide.


So please, take an extra effort to watch the movie during the first opening weekend.

Please do not forget to rate the movie and to write a short or detailed review on the main movie networks like www.fandango.com, www.imdb.org, and www.rottentomatoes.com,

Share your reviews with your friends, encourage them to do the same.

Use a hashtag of your choice like #thepromise #armeniangenocide #neveragain #thepromiseforoscars

Actively sharing and reviewing the movie may help to nominate the film for Oscar and most importantly will encourage other filmmakers to makes more movies and do more research about the Armenian Genocide.

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